Ukrainians Protest against High Taxes

Tax Code on Fire
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In Kiev on the 11th of December a group of people burnt down the Tax Code of Ukraine and the dummy of the Ukrainian Prime-Minister.

This meeting was organized by two parties: 5.10 (a pro-libertarian Ukranian party with Gennadiy Balashov as its leader) and Svoboda (eng. “Freedom”, a right-wing social-national party, headed by Oleh Tyahnybok). About two hundreds of people came to support the ideas of tax liberalization and express their distrust in the Ukrainian government.

In 2015 the total tax burden in Ukraine comprises almost 39% percent of domestic income (source:, and the complexity of tax system puts Ukraine on the pre-last place (177) in Tax System Complexity Rating (source:, with 99 tax types and more than 2000 hours per year spent on tax paying. No wonder that the Ukrainians came to express their discontent and raise the awareness about the topic.

“We are not going to live according to this Tax Code anymore,” says Balashov, – “5.10 is the new Tax Code: 5% sales tax and 10% payroll tax, and nothing more.” This is the only way, to his opinion, to overcome poverty in Ukraine.

Gennadiy Balashov is the head of Ukrainian party 5.10 (founded in 2014), the ideas of which are close to the libertarian ones. He is an ardent opponent of existing tax system, red tape and government intrusion into economy. 5.10 is financed by Balashov himself and by other members of the party. In 2014 on the Ukrainian parliamentary elections the party got less than 0,5% of votes. However the party is gaining its popularity and supporters, which strengthens the hope for a prosperous economic future in Ukraine.

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